Le GĂ©oportail National
du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

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Here you can see a representation of the choosen layer in the municipality your selected. A clic on the name of the layer will bring you directly to the geoportal.

Geological Map of Luxembourg, Scale 1:25 000, New edition
Detailed of surface geology, in 25 colors, with legend, geological cross-sections and lithologic and stratigraphic scale; on detailed topographic background with height curves. 

"New edition", from 1971 until today. 

This map set has 13 sheets at a scale of 1:25000, 7 of which are available:
6 - Beaufort
7 - Redange
8 - Mersch
9 - Echternach
11 - Grevenmacher
12 - Esch/Alzette
13 - Remich

Annotation booklets available for some maps
Luxembourg; geological map; surface geology; Eisleck; Gutland; Devonian; Triassic; Jurassic; Liassic; Dogger 
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