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Broadband mapping for speeds between 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps
Ubiquitous access for citizens and companies to very high speed Internet is key for developing the national economy. Hence, the national strategy for very high-speed networks was elaborated in 2010 [http://www.gouvernement.lu/3938123/2010-strategie-ultrahaut-debit.pdf]. The general objective of the strategy is to position the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg among the leading broadband countries and to enable citizens, companies and public players to reap the associated socio-economic benefits.
The strategy is in line with Europe 2020, a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, as well as the Digital Agenda for Europe (http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda). In the context of the Digital Agenda, the European Commission encourages broadband mapping exercises (http://www.broadbandmapping.eu/).
The broadband mapping indicates the percentage of households that can get fix access to very high-speed Internet, independent of the technology (copper cable, coax cable, optical fibre). The map is based on data provided on a voluntary basis by certain network providers and on estimations based on such data. Speeds are advertised speeds and may vary from actual speeds.
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